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Thentix 'A Touch of Honey' Skin Cream

  • N0 Parabens!
  • No Added Perfumes or Fragrance!
  • No Mineral Oil/No Propylene Glycol/No Petrolatum(You will find one of these as the first ingredient in many high end products.)
  • No Lanolin/No Glycerin/No Wax
  • No Animal Testing! (We test on teenage boys ... just kidding!)

Skin problems that Thentix has helped with include: acne, abrasions, athlete's foot, bee stings, bruises, calluses, chapped lips, dry skin, itch of flea bites, hemorrohiods, itchy skin, plantar warts, poison ivy, poison oak, psoriasis, split skin on fingers, sunburn, wounds, stretch marks, impetigo, blisters, burns, hives, x-ray burns, ashy skin, rosacea, inflamed joints, fungus, insect bites, razor burn, diaper rash, bed sores, shingles, edema, shingles, eczema, rough hands, varicose viens, cracked heels, cuts and wrinkles.


Thentix Muscle and Joint Formula

Thentix – Muscle and Joint Formula is a unique topical pain relieving cream that contains anti-arthritic and anti-spasmodic properties with the ability to target serious pain and penetrate deep below the skin. Thentix is formulated with only natural ingredients that have been used for centuries as pain relievers by natural healers. No harsh chemicals, which can be abrasive and damaging to skin over time are found in Thentix.


Thentix Lip Balm

  • Natural lip care with coconut and olive oils, rich in vitamins and fatty acids to nourish lips
  • Shea Butter moisturizes and softens lips
  • Beeswax seals in moisture


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